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Discipleship Is a Call to Become a Certain Type of Person


God’s ultimate calling on our lives is not first about career paths or accomplishments.

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I, Phone: Love and Addiction in the Age of Distraction


Our smartphones are doing something to us.

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You Belong with Me: Stories about Faith, Loneliness and Small Groups


Loving and obeying God, loving and serving one another, growing in maturity and bearing fruit can’t be done alone. Loneliness saps our faith of all creativity and flourishing. As T.S. Eliot observed, hell is “oneself . . . always alone.” Yet the church is a family (Ephesians 2:19) with a hope “laid up” for us in heaven (Colossians 1:5). If we find ourselves alone in our faith, something is off.

The stories below show how “thick” communities within the church can bring newfound joy and meaning to our lives. If this is your desire, check out our Small Groups Fair after the service on January 29. You’ll be able to meet group leaders and find the space that’s right for you (and enjoy Gunter’s Bavarian Grill for lunch).

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California, Here We Come: Rockers Go West for LT in L.A.


Eleven college students. A two-day road trip. A summer in Los Angeles. These are mythic elements, essential for true adventures in Americana. We pay $15 on a Saturday night to take in such tales.

But this myth is being retold in a different light. This myth is submitting itself to the grand narrative of redemptive history. This myth is taking on a gospel-centered narrative arc.

At 5 a.m. this morning, 11 Rockers — Jessica Brock, Ross Bryant, Emily Carr, Julie Carr, Sebastien Dekleva, Joy Everhart, Bree Hottinger, Alayna Milhaly, Stephen Molden, Jason Richard and Benji Wang — drove west for Los Angeles. They will spend 10 weeks in the City of Angels participating in Leadership Training (LT), a summer-long discipleship program for campus ministries in Great Commission Churches (GCC).

The Rock has rich history of LTs (the program used to be called Infusion) — New Orleans, El Paso, Lincoln. This summer, these 11 disciples of Jesus are joining college students from a handful of other GCC churches to live and work near downtown L.A. The LT’s focus will be on developing ministry and leadership skills while serving the local church and taking time to foster an Acts 2 culture. (A handful of Rockers will also participate in a Fort Collins-based LT.)

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Q&A: Eschatology, Honoring Parents, Imaging God, Discipleship/Motherhood and Church Planting

What’s the deal with eschatology — does it matter, should I have one? How do I follow Jesus and honor my parents if they aren’t saved? How do I balance vulnerability and authority? As a mother, I feel overwhelmed with making disciples of my own children, let alone others outside my home — what should I do? Why has it been so long since Summitview planted a church?

These are the questions from last Sunday’s Q&A session. Can you believe the range and depth of these questions? It’s amazing. For the answers, clickety click the play button on the videos below.

You can watch past Q&A videos here. And if you have questions about Christianity, the Bible, life, the universe or anything else, we’d love to have you join us for our next Q&A session this Sunday 15 minutes after the service. As always, questions can be texted in beforehand. To text us your questions, text “QNA42” to 91011!

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