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Cultivate Hospitality This Christmas with Your Words

Nervous about politically charged conversations over the Christmas holiday? Give peace and goodwill a fighting chance with wise words and a hospitable culture.

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Christmas Movies Are the Best Movies


Watching Christmas movies can be a love-forming, Big Story-enhancing ritual.

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In the Bleak Midwinter, Jesus Appears as Light and Life


In this season of Christmas, when so many things compete for my attention, it is the lights of Christmas that remind me that it is also the season of Advent, a season of holy waiting.

In the early morning hours, I slip downstairs and light the candles on my Advent wreath and in votives depicting the manger scene. In the midst of December darkness, soft light shines through both the room and my heart. In the still of the morning I read of the One who was foretold, who is named in so many ways.

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I Waited for God in a Draw Herding Cattle and All I Got Was More of His Grace


“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14)

“I hate waiting.” — Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

One item that has been on my bucket list for a long time is going on a cattle drive. After years of trying to finagle a way to work cattle, I finally got the opportunity to do it this summer when I reconnected with a high school friend whose family owns a large cattle ranch in the mountains.

Even better (at least in my mind) was that my husband, Chase, tagged along. Freddie, the horse he rode, was the only one of us (human or equine) who had any experience working cattle. Chase joked that we were going to be in the next sequel to City Slickers.

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Advent Is about Adoption


November is National Adoption Month. Even though this is the last day of November, Advent is now underway, and I think there is a clear link between the two.

During the service a couple of Sundays ago, my wife and I shared a bit of our foster/adoption story (see the video below). Last Sunday I started re-reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Advent devotional, and the first paragraph of the first day’s reading connects Christ’s coming with Christ’s demands to love the most vulnerable among us. It reads:


Jesus stands at the door knocking (Rev. 3:20). In total reality, he comes in the form of the beggar, of the dissolute human child in ragged clothes, asking for help. He confronts you in every person that you meet. As long as there are people, Christ will walk the earth as your neighbor, as the one through whom God calls you, speaks to you, makes demands on you. That is the great seriousness and great blessedness of the Advent message. Christ is standing at the door; he lives in the form of a human being among us. Do you want to close the door or open it?


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