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The Big Fundamental: On Tim Duncan and Spiritual Maturity


Last Monday, Tim Duncan, one of the all-time basketball greats, retired after 19 seasons in the NBA. He finished with five championships and host of other accolades. He’s probably the best power forward ever.

Much has already been made of his unselfishness and high character on and off the court. But when it came to actually playing the game, he was a man of fundamentals. He will be remembered for his classic bank shot. It’s a shot that many kids learn early in their basketball training but then leave behind for the beauty and glory of three-point swishes. For most players, the bank shot is what you accidentally do when your shot misfires, and at the last moment, you yell, “Bank!” — as if you meant to do it.

But Tim Duncan meant to. He made his living on bank shots. And for big men, there tends to be a monopoly on dunking the ball (think Shaq and Dwight Howard). Duncan made his enduring quality a shot that seventh-grade kids can master. But they never showed up on the highlight reels. Instead, the alley-oops and the 3-pointers are shown over and over and over. And we should enjoy those things — because those things are nearly impossible. Only a handful of people on the planet can make those crazy shots or dunks. And so those clips go viral, each click proclaiming our awe. But the bank shot won five championships, built a winning legacy and became one of the best of all time.

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Watch Kevin Durant's MVP Speech and 1) Try Not to Cry and 2) Try Not to Think about the Church


Yesterday, Kevin Durant was crowned MVP of the NBA's regular season. And seriously, his acceptance speech could be taken as a metaphor for the importance of the church as family and all the life that flows out of it. Get out the tissues!

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What We're Really Doing when We Carve Our Own Mount Rushmores


Washington. Jefferson. Teddy. Honest Abe. The four representatives of what’s great about America and American presidents. It’s hard to argue with the selection, as each of the four presidents accomplished many great feats for the country.

But who deserves to be on the mountain when we talk about, say, basketball? 

That’s the hullabaloo LeBron “King” James brought about when he listed his all-time basketball Mount Rushmore. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson were his chosen four, though he made it clear that the current arrangement would soon have to change, saying: 

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