Work Like Jesus

Welcome to the All Things New Podcast. In season 1, we’ll be exploring God’s intentions for our work—why our vocations matter and how they express love for God and neighbor. With this kind of love, our work takes on eternal significance.


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Your work matters to God, and the gospel shows us how to go about this in a meaningful way. If this gets you excited, share the love and leave a review.

An Introduction to Faith and Work

Rekindle excitement and purpose for your work.

As Unto the Lord: Terry Anna

One day, Terry Anna woke up and realized he wasn’t as successful of an engineer as he thought. This realization paralyzed him with anxiety—and it led him on a journey to discovering that his value is found in being loved by Jesus.

Baker, Teacher, Mother, Wife: Jen Dekorte

Jen Dekorte is the owner and founder of Sweet Petite Bakery in Fort Collins. Here, Jen tells her story—about starting a business, homeschooling two kids and how she and her husband developed a family vision.

The Four Myths of Calling: Bryan Dik

How does “calling” work, anyway? How does God call us? Can you choose the wrong calling?

Business as Ministry: Jim Hewitt

Do you love shopping at The Cupboard in Old Town Fort Collins? Then you'll love hearing Jim Hewitt, the store's owner, share his memories of growing up in the store and why he views business as ministry.

The Restoration of All Things: Steve Hoskins

God designed us to work for the flourishing and "Sabbath peace" of our neighbors.

Joy and Excellence: Torgun Lovely

Torgun Lovely went from living in a friend’s basement to making a six-figure salary with Comcast in only a few months. But he was miserable at his job.

Connecting the Dots: Gary Ozzello

Gary Ozzello loves Fort Collins. He loves Colorado State University. He loves Jesus and loves seeing the kingdom advance.

Art and the Common Good: Teddi Parker

As an artist and stay-at-home mom, Teddi Parker talks about her passion for painting, the creative nature of God and the value beauty adds to our lives and cities.

What Could Be: Mark Schreiber

What if God’s calling on your life was crystal-clear, and he provided everything to make this call a reality? Then what if everything fell apart right as you got started?

The Internet of Work: Jeff Shoemaker

Jeff Shoemaker makes the internet. Okay, he’s one of many who make the internet. As the co-founder and Principal Software Engineer of Rocket Jones Interactive, his faith is integral to his work.

Calling as Discipleship: Drew Yancey

When it comes to vocation, Drew Yancey—entrepreneur and theologian—has learned that God’s calling on our lives is first about becoming a certain type of person within the church community.