The whole world is a choir, singing of the sparks of God's glory that are all around us.

L ast fall my husband and our son spent a few afternoon hours putting together a birdhouse kit. They laid all the pieces out on the deck and painted them. As the pieces dried they considered where to hang their creation. After putting the birdhouse together, they found it a home in a tree in our backyard.

The birdhouse was a small one with a tiny opening, and we all agreed that no birds would ever live there. It would just be a pretty decoration in our tree.

When the weather turned warmer and the tree started leafing out, the kids and I often found ourselves sitting in the grass, reading aloud under the shade of its branches. In the middle of a chapter one day, my girl surprised us all by saying, “Mom, I think there’s a family of birds in the birdhouse.”

We spent the next 15 minutes alternately reading and watching the parent birds flying in and out to feed their babies. To make it through the small opening, the parents would perch on a nearby branch, take a flying leap, close up their wings and squeeze through the hole. Immediately a chorus of tiny cheeps would burst forth.

My kids marveled that a family of chickadees had taken residence in our birdhouse. I marveled at the work ethic of those parent birds. Over and over, all day long, they’d be flying back and forth, landing on a branch with a grasshopper or small bug in their mouths and then into the birdhouse to feed their babies.

It’s a small thing, these birds in our birdhouse, and yet it is also a beautiful surprise. Whenever it is read-aloud time, we head to the lawn beneath the tree so we can enjoy both the book and the birds. We marvel each day as we watch the birds at work and hear those babies chirping for food. We wonder when the babies will emerge and what they will look like and if we’ll get to see them take their first flight.

I rejoice in this season of summer and these words from the Song of Solomon with the words changed just a bit to fit our Colorado ecosystem:

Look around you: Winter is over;
  the winter winds and snows are over, gone!
Spring flowers are in blossom all over.
  The whole world’s a choir—and singing!
Mountain chickadees are filling the foothills
  with sweet arpeggios.
(The Message)

I delight in the lupines blooming in my yard, my favorite of the early flowers. My husband has marveled anew at how much better garden-grown strawberries are than the ones you buy in the store. I inhale deep of the fragrance of the first of my roses as I water my flowers each morning. And my kids grin wide each time they watch the parent birds land in our tree and announce to the babies that they are on the way with food.

The season of singing (Song of Solomon 2:12) has come.