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Heirs: A Theology and Celebration of Adoption


We're all adopted, and that's the best news in history.

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An Introduction to Friendship Week


No one told us it was going to be this way.

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Lost (and Found) in Translation: A Day in the Life of the Du Family


The Du family is making a home in Fort Collins while still longing for a better country.

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Gender-ification: Making Sense of the Bible's Teaching on Sex and Gender


A couple weeks ago I spent part of a Thursday afternoon on the Colorado State campus listening to Tom Short, a campus preacher affiliated with our movement of churches, who was spending each afternoon that week on the CSU Plaza speaking to students. By the time I got there, Tom had drawn a sizable crowd and was having a spirited conversation with a handful of rather hostile students. Shortly after I arrived, a young man stopped beside me to listen and we soon struck up a conversation. He was from Saudi Arabia and had just arrived in Fort Collins, although he had spent a couple years at a different American university before coming to CSU. He told me he had listened to Tom some in the previous days, so I asked him what he thought. Here was his summary: “All you Americans ever talk about is sex.”

That, of course, was not a point I could argue. As we continued to listen to Tom, the discussion most definitely was about sex and specifically about sexual boundaries and gender definition, just as it had often been throughout that week. This probably doesn’t surprise many of you, and you may not need to be convinced that sexuality is a hot topic. Still, sometimes we need to be reminded just how much gender dominates faith-related discussions.

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In Praise of Tim Carr and the Joy of Children's Ministry


As Tim Carr transitions out of leading Catalyst, it’s encouraging to reflect the good that’s happening in in our children’s ministry — and how influential Mr. Carr has been over the last five years.

I used to think Mr. Swan from church was God, because he was always up there singing. I would think to myself, “Man, I love that guy!” But I now know that he isn't really God. (Anonymous Summitview 6-year-old)

Isn’t it fun to see a growing depth of theological understanding in young children? It’s always to be celebrated when a young person refrains from deifying the worship leader.

In all seriousness, though, it is a joy to watch light bulbs turn on in the brains of young children as they get to know God. In fact, the apostle John said that he had no greater joy than to hear that his children were walking in the truth (3 John 4). He was speaking of adults to whom he had become a spiritual father, but his point was that there was amazing delight in seeing people come to a greater knowledge of God. Perhaps there's no place in the church that allows for greater opportunity to experience that kind of joy than in children's ministry. Each week, we get to see genuine faith being formed in little, eternal souls.

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