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The Authority of Jesus and Violence at the Islamic Center


What's the responsibility of Christians in the aftermath of the violence at the Islamic Center of Fort Collins?

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Why We Removed the Post about the 2016 Presidential Election


Last month, we posted a dialogue between Trevor Sides and Vanessa Felhauer, two regular contributors to All Things New, discussing their differing political views and intentions related to the upcoming presidential election. Many of you appreciated that dialogue, but we also know that many of you were troubled by that post and the discussion that followed. We as pastors, therefore, would like to offer a few thoughts related to the post.

First, as we received feedback about the post, we realized there were two courses of action: 1) To address these issues through the vehicle of the blog, or 2) To remove the post and address these issues in different contexts. We have decided to remove the original post and address these issues through different channels for the following reason.

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Should the Church Actively Champion the Pro-life Cause?

Editor’s note: Sunday, January 17, was Sanctity of Life Sunday. The current election cycle and the sting videos from the Center for Medical Progress have kept the abortion issue at the forefront of our national conversation (and conscience) for much of the last year. Posts about the issue appeared at All Things New, we encouraged Summitviewers to attend pro-life rallies back in the summer and we’ll be supporting the Alpha Center through their baby bottle campaign for the next few weeks. This, it seems, is what the American church has done, to one degree or another, since 1973: Fight for the rights of the unborn.

But after 42 years of unapologetic activism, it is worth reflecting on
why this has become the de facto cause of American evangelicals. To press further, should the church actively champion the pro-life cause? Summitview’s pastors take turns answering this question.

Nathan Hrouda: Absolutely, the church ought to champion the pro-life cause. This is a question that must be answered with proper emotion, though, because it concerns people and not just policy. Life matters to God, and the fact that we need to state this is cause for grieving (Romans 12:15). We grieve with all the women who have had an abortion and live in shame and pain over what they’ve done. We grieve for the murdered children who weren’t given the opportunity to grow into their full potential as human beings. We grieve with God, who sees his creation torn by selfishness, sin and abuse, and who, because of all this grief, sent his Son to take our grief onto his own self and be sacrificed for the many.

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The Myths of Summitview: Faith, Fathers and Homeschooling


The myth: Homeschooling is the “approved” choice of education for Summitview families. The method: All of the Summitview pastors collaborated on this piece. They received wonderful input, counsel and editorial advice from Kurt Kastein and Dave Marsh, as well. Their wisdom and insight were invaluable, and many of their thoughts have been directly incorporated into this post. (Not sure what all the myth-busting is about? Click here.)

Christianity is, by nature, counter-cultural. Following Jesus means making decisions that don’t make sense to the world. Much of what we have covered in this “Myths” series involves convictions that stand in stark contrast to the broader culture.

For example, we might describe the world’s dating methods as very casual, while the church tends to offer methods characterized by strong intentionality. Similarly, the trend in the world is to deemphasize family, undervalue children and promote a “you can have it all” mentality. The church, on the other hand, elevates raising children and encourages the prioritization of family, resulting in a tendency to have larger families and stay-at-home moms

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