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‘Black Panther’ and the Goodness of Dwelling in Unity


We were created to desire unity, and Marvel's latest points to unity's Author.

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This Is the Part Where I Lose It


The worst week of Joy Everhart’s life goes to show that Jesus loves redeeming our broken, messy character arcs.

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A House Divided Against Itself: Addiction and Matthew 6 in ‘House, M.D.’


As the holidays draw near, the school semester comes to an end, Christmas vacation begins and many Americans find themselves with more free time. Tis the season to spend quality time with family catch up on Netflix, right? I recently finished the series House, M.D., the Fox TV drama that concluded in 2012, and must now find another show to fill my winter vacation time. After such a dark medical series that ended only halfway happy, I’m hoping for a little lighter entertainment.

But what an amazing series! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the medical mysteries play out. Each episode brought a new character and a new way for the doctors to question their beliefs. While not a “Christian” series in the least, this show has caused me to reflect on how I am similar to the protagonist in personality and temperament, and what he has taught me about my faith.

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