Growing. Producing. Transforming. Multiplying.

Our vision at Summitview is four-fold, and we believe that each of these four parts is interrelated. If we’re missing one or more of the four, we are likely to miss out on the fullness of God’s design for the local church.

We desire to grow true community in Christ, produce a steady stream of maturing disciples, transform the culture of Fort Collins and multiply like-minded churches.

Growing True Community

Summitview Church is a nondenominational, biblically based, Christian church. Our church is not a building, but people committed to one another, united in the belief that God has given us a new life and a new future through our shared relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a spiritual family, pursuing deep, meaningful relationships through the love God has for everyone.

Small Groups:

Small groups are an essential part of Summitview's community. Made up of 5-15 people, they meet weekly in homes, and focus on developing relationships, exploring the Bible and praying together. You are always welcome to become part of this vital dimension of our church life.

Producing a Steady Stream of Maturing Disciples


We believe that God is honored and individuals are blessed by making a commitment to their local church. If you are interested in membership at Summitview, watch for our Membership Class, which is designed to familiarize people with the beauty of Christianity and our vision as a church. Our Membership class is offered several times throughout the year.

Leadership Development:

Our leadership development takes place mainly within the context of small group leadership. Church-wide and demographic specific leadership training is designed to equip and train small group leaders.

Transforming the Culture of Fort Collins

We believe that the message of God's redemption should do more than affect the individual; it should transform the culture for good. We desire for church members to be a driving force to bring the love of God and the hope of the gospel to our city.

Multiplying Great Commission Churches

We believe that the church is the best way to mobilize the message of God's love to the world. Our vision is to plant churches, similar to ours, in order to bring the transforming power of Christ to the whole world.